I cannot recommend Iris Poole highly enough. Iris has worked with me as my business and social media manager, and website designer for the last 3 years. All I can say is WOW. Iris has a unique blend of talents:

Knowledge – of so many platforms and programs – and knows how to help you apply them to your business.

Talent – Ability to hear your needs and implement them with flair and yet marketability.

Work ethic – this is priceless. Iris has the exceptional character to be there for you when you need her. She gets it! You can count on her.

I launched my new brand, website, book, and exclusive training program for sales and service professionals in 6 months – simply could not have done it with anyone else.

Also, Iris didn’t just execute my requests – she came up with ideas and suggestions that made a huge difference for the overall launch. Thank you Iris.

Nancy Fox

The Business Fox

Iris Poole was a major asset, for our international team developing products and services based on a concept company, to build and coordinate a global communication and service network with virtual tools. Iris moved easily from consultant, mapping out a plan that fit our style to custom website and store builder, to analyst and strategic planning based on our goals and objectives.

After building a global presence, a knowledge base on web communications and a wealth of tools, I Game Attitude is on it’s expanding journey, remembering always that it was Iris Poole, with her knowledge base as well as human and technological resources, who guided the company through its elementary stage.

Christiane Lavanoux

I Game Attitude

Iris, I just want to acknowledge all the ways you’ve made me look good in my business the last few months! Words aren’t enough to convey my satisfaction with your work. You are my marketing strategist angel sent to me as a gift from God! I love and appreciate you!

Lorna Blake

LJ Empowerment Consulting

Iris is a true expert at social media, building web presence and marketing. She skillfully and creatively built two complicated websites for me (one a membership site) and handles almost all of my social media marketing, using tools I had never even dream of, as well as my e-newsletters, webinars and my shopping cart. She is a great adviser too and has my complete trust and confidence. I always want her to be a part of my businesses. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Lorri Greif

easyPG & Breakthrough Philanthropy

I was recommended to Iris under extreme conditions; My company had just launched and I had 24 hours to set up an autoresponder program, shopping cart and merchant account. I’m pretty handy on the internet but I had walked into foreign territory and didn’t have the time or energy to accomplish these incredibly important pieces of my business.

From the moment we first got on the phone, Iris was friendly and professional. She easily understood what I needed to do and was able to explain to me what needed to be done to get everything up and running smoothly. She made herself (literally) available at all hours to work with me to meet our goals and with her help I was able to land and process ten new clients within two weeks!

I firmly believe that part of running a successful business is knowing what things to do yourself, and where to delegate. I could spend the time to learn all the ins and outs of software like 1ShoppingCart or Power Pay, but know it’s a better use of my time to turn to someone like Iris who is smart, friendly, knowledgeable, and most importantly, very capable. Thanks Iris.

Matthew Goldfarb

Corporate Renegade

I didn’t have much experience with VA’s before Iris. She was more help than I even asked for. She took my social media and networking game to a level beyond what I was expecting. I won online contests and reached more people in a shorter amount of time than I could have done by myself. Iris is very professional and a great communicator and can take your business and goals to places you might not have thought of. I highly recommend her as a top notch Virtual Assistant.

Darrius Willrich

Darrius Willrich, Musician

Iris Poole has done an amazing job for me over the last year and has played an important role in filling my programs and events through her PPC work, as well as transcription, and other services. She is timely and effective!

Suzanne Evans

Suzanne Evans Coaching, LLC

I have been subcontracting telephone work to Iris for several years now. She is always available and extremely flexible. She tackles very large calling lists and always meets deadlines. I would highly recommend Iris for anyone who seeks dependable, affordable and timely telephone calling services.

Melanie O'Kane

Melanie O’Kane MAD Typing & Consulting


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