About Iris Poole
I started Poole Biz Solutions in 2008 after graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Small Business Management and with over 10 years of administrative experience. I wanted to create a freedom based lifestyle with more control over my life and to help other entrepreneurs and small business owners do the same. Since launching, I have created a track record of success and profitability not only for my business but also for my clients. I have helped dozens of long-termed and project based clients build and maintain a strong online presence through compelling web design, automated marketing, email marketing, list building, social media management, and more.

My goal everyday is to help entrepreneurs like you realize your dream by providing you with the support needed to make your entrepreneurial journey as successful and stress free as possible.

Our Vision
Using our proven hands-on approach, we strive to enhance and elevate the lives of small business owners so they can achieve optimal balance in business and in their personal lives.

Our Mission
Providing tools, resources, and incomparable support to service-based professionals and small business owners worldwide so they can achieve their goals faster and more efficiently.


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